Support Programs


We believe that people living with or who are at risk of Hepatitis C deserve compassionate support and accurate information to assist them to make informed choices about their lives. In addition, going through treatment for Hepatitis C can be difficult, so having support is crucial!

Sanguen’s Support program is client-centred which means we work with people where they are at, in order to help them to successfully meet their goals.

Sanguen’s Support Coordinators, Pete McKechnie (Waterloo) and Alice Maguire (Guelph), offer individual counselling, around a wide range of issues including:

  • substance use
  • mental health
  • trauma
  • relationships

In addition, we provide:

  • advocacy
  • crisis counselling
  • assistance navigating the OW/ODSP system
  • referrals

If you are interested in accessing the support program, please contact our office.