Can provide hygiene products such as: pads, tampons, razors, toothpaste, & other personal care products


Can purchase a sleeping bag


Can purchase a pair of shoes, boots or work boots


Will provide winter gear: winter coat, mitts, hat, boots


Will supply a month’s worth of hot chocolate for all of the vans in the winter and cold drinks and freezies during the summer months



Mylo Round Up Canada Helps

The Mylo app and CanadaHelps are making it easier to donate to Sanguen with “Round Up to Give”

The CanadaHelps charitable donation platform has teamed up with Mylo to enable donations made through the Mylo app, giving Mylo users a new way to support the charities they care about, such as Sanguen.

When you sign up for the Mylo app, they round up every purchase you make to donate the spare change to the charity of your choice, like Sanguen Health Centre. It’s now even easier to fit charitable giving into your life and your budget and it’s powered by CanadaHelps.

How Does It Work?

  • Connect

    Create a Mylo account and link your bank to the app.

  • Support

    Select Sanguen Health Centre as your preferred charity and set a donation goal.

  • Spend

    Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases.

  • Donate

    Mylo rounds up to the next dollar and donates your spare change!

Why Sign Up?

  • An easy, automated way to give

    Donate without changing your lifestyle or feeling the difference in your bank account.

  • You could lower your tax bill

    You may be entitled to receive as much as 52% of your donation back at tax time. Your receipt will be available in your Mylo account.

  • Get financial investment help, too

    The Mylo app can also help you starting saving to reach your financial savings goals.

  • Share the love to support your cause

    Refer friends to Round Up to Give and you’ll earn $5 to donate to your favourite charity and so will they!

How Do I Get The Mylo App?

Donate Securities or Mutual Funds

Donate Investments Mutual Funds

Do you own securities, investments or mutual funds which have increased in value since you bought them? Then making a direct donation of those shares is the more tax-efficient way to support Sanguen Health Centre through Canada Helps.

A direct donation of your securities or mutual fund shares adds up to a larger donation to charities like Sanguen. That’s really good news for us. It’s also good news for you because a larger donation means a larger charitable tax receipt and that makes a difference on your own tax return at the end of the year.

Canada Helps is the first charitable platform in Canada to offer direct donations of securities and mutual funds.

Donate Canadian Tire Money

Canadian Tire money is something of incredible use to us at the Sanguen Health Centre. We can use it for everything from keeping our mobile community health vans on the road to buying sleeping bags for our clients in the winter to other supplies which we hand out on our vans in the Waterloo, Guelph and Wellington-Dufferin regions.

Please mail your Canadian Tire money to:
Sanguen Health Centre
29 Young Street East
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2L4

Donate Gift Cards & Unused Gift Cards

Donate Gift Cards opioid programs

Another great way of donating to the Sanguen Health Centre is by donating gift cards directly to either of our two locations. Our staff can then purchase essential supplies for our mobile community health vans on an as-needed basis.

Donating any gift cards from major big box, grocery, drug store chains would be a great way to support what we do!