About Treatment


If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, the clinical staff at Sanguen will meet with you to discuss treatment.

A lot of things have changed about treatment recently. There are several different medications used for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Most regimens are between 2 and 3 months long and require taking only one pill daily. Side effects are typically mild; some people do not notice any side effects, and others actually feel better once they start treatment!.

The clinical staff at Sanguen will talk to you about which medications are appropriate for you, any side effects that you might experience, and how to manage those side effects. During treatment, they will meet with you regularly to check in and see how you are doing.

For an overview of treatment, medications, side effects, or important things to know when you have completed treatment, please visit the Catie website.


Treatment Costs and Coverage

You may have heard that hepatitis C medications are very expensive. If you have questions about the cost of treatment, about whether you can afford treatment, or about whether you’re eligible for assistance, please talk to us.

At Sanguen, we can help you to understand your options, what’s available to you, how to apply for assistance, and/or how to contact your insurance company.

There are other ways that someone can be qualified for treatment if they don’t have private insurance. We will help in making sure you pay little to nothing out of pocket for the medication.

If you’d like to read some information about hepatitis C medication costs and coverage, please visit http://www.catie.ca/en/practical-guides/hepc-in-depth/treatment/treatment-coverage-your-region/ontario


How do I know if my treatment is working?

The goal of treatment is to get a sustained virologic response (SVR) which means the virus cannot be detected in your blood 3 months or more after you’ve completed Hepatitis C therapy. The amount of times bloodwork is done while you are on treatment is dependent on your current health.


Do I need to come to all of my appointments?

It is very important that you keep all scheduled bloodwork appointments and the appointments with our clinical team. If you are unable to attend an appointment, or if you forget an appointment, please call us as soon as possible to reschedule. We understand that life can be busy and sometimes it’s not always easy to call to rebook. Please don’t be afraid to call and rebook if you’ve missed an appointment. We will be happy to hear from you!


Will I respond to treatment?

There is no way of telling in advance if you will respond to therapy. Over time, on treatment, the virus may be decreased to a level so low that it cannot be measured by blood tests. If the virus cannot be detected in your blood 3 months after completion of treatment you are considered to be a sustained responder.


What if I do not respond to treatment?

Less than 5% of patients that take hepatitis C treatment do not respond to treatment; meaning they are not a sustained responder.

Thankfully, there is medication that is available for people who have not reached a sustained response. This medication is also one pill, once-daily for 3 months. There are very little side effects, and it is very likely to work.