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Welcome to Sanguen Health Centre


It’s estimated that 100,000 Ontarians have Hepatitis C – and many don’t know it! Hepatitis C can damage the liver without causing any symptoms – the only way to know is to get tested.’
Have you tested positive for Hepatitis C? Are you worried about your risks? We can help. Call us to arrange for a confidential meeting to discuss your concerns.

We encourage you to explore our web site and learn more about our team, our work, and our community. We have information about Hepatitis C, about prevention and treatment, and ways that you can get involved.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.

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  1. Richard Eugene Mastin says:

    Sanguan Health Center helped me move on with my life get healthy and not die at an early age 59 thatsn how long u live without treatment. I thank them from the bottom of my Heart and the Government for paying for treatment because I sure didn’t have 72,000$ to pay or 80,000$.Dr.Chris Steinghart is an amazing person who I think was put on this Earth to Helpanand cure People with many different chronic illness. The world needs more Dr.Chris Steinghart!! I personaly want to thank Dr. Steinghart and his incredible staff!! and his incredible wife Michelle making sure my appointment were OK or not!! Thank you Sanguan Health Centers!!

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