Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge Area

29 Young Street East
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2L4 (Google Map)
Telephone: 519-603-0223
Fax: 519-888-6422

Wellington, Dufferin & Guelph Area

176 Wyndham Street North
Guelph, Ontario N1H 8N9 (Google Map)
Telephone: 877-351-9857
Fax: 519-888-6422

Team Bios

(Listed alphabetically by last name.)

Tracy Hobson

Tracy Hobson

Tracy is one of Sanguen’s Hepatitis C Treatment Nurses. She has been with the team since Fall 2011.

Tracy completed her nursing degree at McMaster University and was a Public Health Nurse at Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health in the sexual health clinic for 13 years prior to joining Sanguen’s team.

Tracy provides testing for patients at the clinic in Waterloo, Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, the Drop-in Centre in Guelph, the Sanguen office in Guelph and the Food bank in Cambridge.

Tracy also meets with patients to discuss Hep C treatment options and follows them throughout their journey on treatment, seeing them for their scheduled follow-ups, helping to manage side-effects and doing all the necessary bloodwork. Tracy is passionate about helping people and providing care without judgment or stigma.


Marty Kubesch Marty

Marty is one of Sanguen Health Centre’s Outreach Workers. He has been with Sanguen since 2016, but volunteered for many years prior.

Marty is responsible for Naloxone training on The Community Health Van in Kitchener and Cambridge, as well as assisting with overdose and Naloxone training at agencies and groups in the region. Marty provides harm reduction services at several of Sanguen’s outreach locations in Kitchener.

Marty believes strongly in harm reduction and the role it plays in preventing hepatitis C.  He believes in creating connections within the community, and he is a strong advocate for people who use drugs.


Allaina Lucier Allaina

Allaina is one of Sanguen’s Hepatitis C treatment nurses. She joined the team in May of 2016 after spending time with another HCV team and discovering her passion for this work!

Allaina strongly believes that good health is best achieved and maintained with a multidisciplinary approach. She also believes in the power of community and is thrilled to be working across Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph.

Allaina is responsible for all aspects of patient care – from testing, treatment, and follow-up, to managing side effects, and even post-treatment blood work for patients who finish treatment.


Alice Maguire

 Alice Maguire

Alice is Sanguen’s Social Support Coordinator for Guelph. Alice is a registered social worker and completed her Masters in Social Work in 2010.

Since then she’s worked with a variety of folks including people who are homeless and street involved, people who use substances and people who are part of the LGBTQ community. Alice joined the Sanguen team in June 2017.

Alice is passionate about harm reduction, feminism, resiliency and anti- oppression and believes that genuine and caring relationships are the most important part of developing a caring and inclusive community for all folks.

Alice’s role is to meet folks where they are at, without judgment and to support them as they move towards whatever goals they may define.


Pete McKechnie

Pete McKechnie

Pete is Sanguen’s Social Support Coordinator in Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge. Pete joined the Sanguen team in June of 2015.

Pete sees harm reduction as part of daily life for all individuals and that all people have a right to choose what harm reduction means to them. As a Registered Social Worker he learns more from the strength displayed in the persons surrounding him than any academic classroom.

Pete approaches his work through the concept that every person struggles with life at times, and all of us are more similar than different. Through this we all have a valued place in our community. We all have something to teach.

Pete’s role is to be whatever Sanguen’s patrons need him to be. Counsellor, advocate, social worker, systems navigator – but first and foremost a human being like the individuals he serves.



Simone Morrison

Simone is Sanguen’s Mobile Outreach Worker for Waterloo region. She earned her Social Service Worker diploma in 2014. She completed her student placement at Sanguen and continued to volunteer afterwards. She was excited to officially join the team in October 2016.

Simone believes everyone has the right to receive health care and support; free of stigma and judgement. She recognizes the power of community and the importance of feeling respected, accepted, and valued.

Her approach is non-judgemental, strengths-based, and person centered. She is a strong advocate for harm reduction. Her favourite part of this role is having the opportunity to meet people where they are at. With each person she meets she is reminded of the strength and resiliency we all posses, which drives and inspires her passion for what she does.


Rene Peltekianrene

Rene is Sanguen’s Mobile Outreach worker for Guelph. He completed his Bachelor of Social Work degree in June 2017. He is very excited to be a part of the Sanguen team as of September 2017; launching the Guelph community health van. He feels Mobile Outreach is a vital tool for delivering services in a non-stigmatizing and non-judgmental manner to those who are disconnected from services.

Rene believes all individuals should have access to support and health care free from marginalization and oppression. He is a strong advocate of harm reduction and social justice for those facing stigma around their substance use. He is passionate about outreach and meeting individuals where they are and supporting them in achieving their goals -whatever those goals may look like.

Rene uses an anti-oppressive framework when working with folks to create an inclusive and safe space for all individuals. He believes every individual has the right to dignity and respect. Rene is excited to learn from individuals in the community; and to help serve barrier free services to those who otherwise would not have access to them.


Dr. Chris Steingart

Chris Steingart is the Founder and Executive Director of Sanguen Health Centre.

Dr. Chris Steingart trained at the University of Calgary where he received certification in Internal Medicine in 1995. After moving back to Ontario in 2002, Dr. Steingart accepted the position of Head of Infection Prevention and Control at Grand River and St. Mary’s Hospitals. During this time, Dr. Steingart began seeing more HIV and Hepatitis C patients. Seeing the need for more specialized care for the complex medical and psycho-social needs of his patients, Dr. Steingart decided to leave the hospital setting and in 2007, Dr. Steingart created the province’s first charitable Hepatitis C service organization, Sanguen Health Centre. With a dedicated team of nurses, social support workers, outreach workers, and peer support workers, Dr. Steingart sees the region’s most marginalized patients offering expert medical, social, and psychological support.


Michelle Steingart

Michelle Steingart

Michelle Steingart is Sanguen’s Administrator and Clinical Program Coordinator.  She is the first person you are likely to meet when you come into the office.

It is no coincidence that she shares the same last name as the doctor — they are married and the two of them created Sanguen Health Centre in 2007.

Michelle’s role at Sanguen is to ensure the smooth operation of the clinic, everything from booking patient appointments and referrals for testing, to communicating with other specialists and organizations in the community.

Michelle’s most important role, however, is to make sure that you feel welcomed and comfortable when you come to your appointments.


Violet Umanetz

Violet Umanetz

Violet is Sanguen’s Manager of Outreach (Education and Prevention) for Waterloo Region. She is a Registered Social Service Worker who has been with Sanguen since April 2011.

Violet does a lot of interesting things –  and she loves every bit of her job! She is rarely in the office and can be found representing Sanguen on harm reduction-focused committees, speaking to groups who want to learn about substance use (or hepatitis C, harm reduction, overdose prevention and Naloxone, and many other topics), overseeing The Community Health Van and The WINS Project, updating Sanguen’s social media, and much more. She is also a member of Ontario’s Opioid Emergency Task Force.

Violet believes strongly in the power of education to combat stigma and eliminate negative stereotypes about substance use and people who take drugs. She, like everyone at Sanguen, believes that compassion and kindness are the key to making positive change in our community.




Bailey is Sanguen’s “top dog”.  If you are at the Waterloo Clinic on Wednesdays or Fridays, you may get to meet her.  She enjoys long walks in the woods, quiet cuddles on the couch, and a good belly rub.

If you would like to say hello to Bailey when you come to your appointment, just ask Michelle.  Bailey would be thrilled to meet you!