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Meet Sharon!

If you’ve spent any time around Sanguen’s offices in Waterloo or Guelph, you know that our team includes some amazing volunteer outreach workers!  In the coming months, we’d like to introduce them to you here on the Sanguen blog.

We asked each volunteer to tell us about themselves and why they volunteer. Sharon Feeney celebrated her 2 year “Sanguenaversary” in August, and she’s here to give us the scoop on why she works with us.

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Hi Sharon! Tell us a little about yourself!

Mother of 3 wonderful boys and Grandmother of 2 grandsons …. Outgoing empathetic and happy. In recovery from an opiate addiction. An advocate and support for the marginalized residents of our community.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Sanguen?

I became familiar with Sanguen 4 years ago when I lived in Guelph (attending treatment). I observed the support they gave a good friend while he was receiving HepC treatment. I wanted to become part of this team so when I returned to Kitchener I started volunteering for kit making and have not looked back. I love this team!!!

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with us?

When not working with Sanguen I have a casual position at the YWCA Emergency Shelter and facilitate groups for Self-Help CMHA …. Including programing for youth experiencing homelessness (which is one of the favorite things I do!)

I love spending time with my grandchildren, oil painting, swimming and walking my beautiful dog.

Wow! You’re a busy person! What motivates you to stay involved with us?

I love my job because I am able to give back and use what I have learned to empower others. The relationships I develop while working motivates me to continue the work. I tell others what a great team I work with and what great work we do. I would recommend to anyone with lived experience to become part of our team … It (for me anyway) is the highlight of my recovery!

How do you feel about the people you meet while doing outreach in our community?

The respect we give to the people we meet makes me feel good because I know how important it is to be accepted regardless of life choices. I know that for some harm reduction practices may be the first sign of kindness they have received for a long time.

I take pride in seeing how we have educated the people we work with on using safely and I see a big change in their circles since I started 2 years ago…. The respect we receive as peer outreach workers is very powerful.

Why is harm reduction important to you?

I strive to educate the public about the benefits of Harm Reduction, HepC, and HIV…..How harm reduction is not only for the users we meet … also for the public as a whole.

What do you wish more people knew about Hepatitis C?

I am surprised how many are not aware that Hep C is treatable.


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