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Kloud Kits.



Sanguen Health Centre is excited to officially launch a pilot project known as “Kloud Kits.” This product is known as the Nevershare syringe and it is exclusively manufactured for Exchange Supplies by world leading medical device manufacturer, BBRaun.

The ‘mixing up’ of syringes among people who inject drugs has long been recognized as a significant cause of accidental sharing – and the transmission of blood borne viruses, such as hepatitis C.

Kloud Kits is a client-driven initiative that supports the distribution of colour-coded syringes as a means of lowering the risk of accidental sharing. This initiative reinforces the importance of having your own equipment – and it makes the issue explicit with EVERY syringe.

Kloud Kits offers five different plunger colours with matching cookers to promote never sharing; 30 gauge needles to minimize vein damage (needle length 12mm); and the kits are designed as low dead space syringes.

More info here:

The kits also come with black sharps “pucks” that have been created for the NeverShare syringes or locally known “Kloud Kits.” They are designed in such a way that people can now discreetly carry the means of needle disposal with them at all times. The needle safe pucks utilize the unique “snap-fit” construction of the syringe to remove the needle with a single firm click, and then quickly and safely the needle is locked in one of 20 individual chambers. Once locked in place, the top of the needle safe can be rotated to both conceal the disposed of needle, and reveal the next empty chamber.

More info here:

Thank you to the brave clients, dedicated volunteers, friends and allies that helped bring this idea to life! We hope this harm reduction strategy serves to make our community just that much safer.

If you have any questions, please contact Estera Brudek at


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