Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge Area

29 Young Street East
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2L4 (Google Map)
Telephone: 519-603-0223
Fax: 519-888-6422

Wellington, Dufferin & Guelph Area

176 Wyndham Street North
Guelph, Ontario N1H 8N9 (Google Map)
Telephone: 877-351-9857
Fax: 519-888-6422

Our History

The History of Sanguen Health Centre.

Sanguen was started in response to a community need. Through his work at Grand River Hospital, Dr. Chris Steingart, an infectious disease physician, recognized that there were many people living with Hepatitis C in Waterloo Region, and in Guelph-Wellington, who could benefit from medical treatment and support.

To meet that need, Dr. Steingart opened an office on Woolwich Street in Guelph and began to treat individuals with Hepatitis C in April of 2007.  He continued to work at the hospital while seeing patients at Sanguen once per week. His wife, Michelle Steingart, joined him to provide administrative and clinical support.  Martine Stomp, Sanguen’s first dedicated Hepatitis C nurse joined the team that same year, and began providing testing, treatment, and support to patients. Sanguen was registered as a not-for-profit in May of 2008 and received charitable status in May of 2009.

In August of 2008, Dr. Steingart realized that one day per week wasn’t enough – he left his position at Grand River Hospital to focus on Hepatitis C treatment. He split his time between the office in Guelph and a new office on King Street East in Kitchener.

By January of 2010, the Waterloo Region clinic had moved to its current location at 29 Young Street East in Waterloo. This move allowed for more (free) parking, a close bus route, and provided a welcoming, friendly place for patients to visit. Shortly afterwards, the Guelph office was relocated to Dawson Street.

In April of 2011, Sanguen expanded in a big way when the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care created Hepatitis C teams across Ontario. Estera Brudek (Social Support), Jan Klotz (Community Coordinator), and Violet Umanetz (Outreach, Education & Prevention) joined Sanguen and began to provide additional, non-medical services to people with, or at-risk of, Hepatitis C. Later that same year, the team was joined by another dedicated Hepatitis C nurse, Tracy Hobson.

In February of 2012, the Guelph office relocated to the Guelph Community Health Centre on Wyndham Street to provide a convenient, easily-accessible location for patients and clients to meet.

In April of 2014, the team expanded further with the addition of another dedicated Hepatitis C nurse, Shauna Groulx.  In June 0f 2015,  Pete McKechnie joined the team in the Social Support role in Waterloo.

Since 2012, Sanguen has also had a team of dedicated Peer Outreach Volunteers in both Waterloo and Guelph. These volunteers are an important part of Sanguen’s outreach initiatives in both communities.

In December of 2015, Sanguen launched the Community Health Van to reach individuals in the community who faced barriers to accessing services.  This project continues to grow with each passing month and, in partnership with other agencies and generous private donors, has allowed Sanguen to do work that is both indirectly and directly related to Hepatitis C prevention and treatment.

That said, Sanguen continues to provide Hepatitis C testing, treatment, support, outreach, and education in both Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington. Our team partners with other agencies and groups, whenever possible, to enhance our ability to work with patients and clients who have, or who are at-risk of, Hepatitis C.


Our Name and Logo

The name Sanguen rhymes with ‘penguin’ and is a derivative of the Latin word for blood (sanguis). Our logo began as a doodle in Michelle Steingart’s notebook – she drew an S, then added a circle around it, thinking about the importance of people having a circle of care, and about inclusiveness. She noticed the yin-yang and that seemed appropriate, too, since everything that Sanguen does is based on a balance of give and take, support and treatment, emotional and medical care. The yellow and red in our logo are from the Hepatitis C awareness ribbon colours.